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qualifications & experience

Holistic Massage:
1997 - Obtained the Massage Training Institute (MTI) Qualification in Holistic Massage. Since then I have kept a position on the MTI Register of Practitioners to maintain my professional status. This means complying with their standards for continuous professional development, insurance and first aid.
I have massaged regularly since then and my diary has never been without a booking. Many of my clients are regulars.
For three years, 1998 to 2000, I did voluntary work every week massaging people who were HIV+ (for the Terrence Higgins West Ltd). Since 2008 I have regularly attended the Age Concern groups in Keynsham (as a volunteer) and given mini-massages to the elderly.

Deep Massage
2003 – Obtained the David Lauterstein Certificate after attending three of his 5-day residential workshops in three years.
Though this treatment stands alone, I find that I use it mainly as an add-on to a zero balancing or holistic massage treatment, when specific areas need a little extra help.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage
2005 – Qualified with ‘Your body in Safe Hands’ after one years training. It is taught by Wally Belgum, who learnt it in Malaya and has made it his own through experience. He has a busy practice specialising in MLD.
In the work I have done to date I have successfully reduced the fluid retention in arms, legs, abdomen, chest, neck and face.

Spiritual Healing
Joined the National Federation of Spiritual Healers (NFSH) in 1996 and was accepted as a full-healer member in 2000.
2000 - Obtained the Confederation of Healing Organisations ‘Contact Healer Award’ after two years training.
I have carried out healing on a regular basis since 1996.

Spiritual Response Therapy
2004 – Obtained the Spiritual Response Association certificates in Spiritual Response Therapy and Spiritual Restructuring (13 days training in total, followed by practical experience).
The limited amount I have done has been good and I hope to devote more time to this in the future.

Zero Balancing
2001 – Obtained the Zero Balancing Association Certificate after two years training.
Have been doing ZB regularly since then.
2005 - Learnt how to apply Zero Balancing to people with autism.
2009 - Learnt how to carry out Zero Balancing on ladies who are pregnant.

Sound Healing
2002 – Qualified with the UK Sound Healers Association, after one years training.
Sound Healing can be done alone, but at the moment I tend to use it more at the start of the other bodywork sessions when appropriate. The Shamanic Soul Retrieval work is done alone and is giving good results.

2005 – Gained the British Society of Dowsers certificate in 'Dowsing for Health'
2003 – Gained the Bristol Cancer Help Centre certificate in 'Working with People with Cancer'
2008 - Qualified in 'Indian Head Massage'
2009 - Trained in 'Adapting Indian Head Massage for Elderly/Palliative Care'