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Please click the titles below to find out more about the therapies that I offer

Holistic Massage
Main benefits: deep relaxation, release of tension, release of toxins, revitalisation, rejuvenation.

Deep Massage
Main benefits: release of deep seated tension. Very good for whiplash injuries.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage
Main benefits: reduction in fluid retention, improved appearance and mobility, strengthens the immune system (i.e. less colds etc.), reduces swelling after an accident or operation. Helps Lymphoedema.

Spiritual Healing
Main benefits: helpful to anyone who is ill in any way at all, especially in crisis situations and with terminal illness. Also helps with insomnia.

Spiritual Response Therapy
Main benefits: clears away negative influences, leaving you free to lead a more positive and healthy life, and reach your full potential.

Zero Balancing
Main benefits: general wellbeing, stress reduction, body pain, flexibility and posture, reparative touch, personal progress.

Sound Healing
Main benefits: Sound healing - release of pain and restoration of good health. Soul retrieval - helps you to feel 'back-together' and more yourself.


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