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Sound Healing
The Lymphatic System:
The left-hand side of this diagram shows the small lymphatic vessels lying near the surface of the body. The right-hand side shows the deeper vessels and how they drain into the central venous system of the body. The black dots on both sides indicate the position of the lymph nodes.
Image taken from 'Lymphoedema - Advice on Treatment' 2nd edition.

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Sound Healing

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage was taught to me by Wally Belgum, who has a busy practice in Aldershot specialising in this type of massage. He learnt it originally from practitioners in Malaya and has enhanced it since from other sources and his own experience. The result is a simple, yet very effective way of doing MLD. (It is not the Voder technique normally seen in the west).

The method is to gently stimulate the lymphatic system with light rhythmic touch, focusing on the lymph nodes just below the skin with repetitive stationary circles. This sends a message to the whole of the lymphatic system that then starts to work more efficiently. There is usually an immediate noticeable reduction in fluid from swollen areas.

The underlying causes of fluid retention cannot be cured, but they can be managed and I give guidance on how this can be achieved. For example, if someone came for a course of six sessions they would receive advice on suitable exercises to do (after the second massage) and advice on self-massage (after the third massage). The sixth massage would be a normal (detox) massage and would give the opportunity to review progress.

Debra from Portishead says:
“Since I’ve had the Lymphatic Drainage, my friends have commented that my face hasn’t puffed up! I’ve noticed that my ankles no longer swell. My clothes fit better – it’s given me confidence in my appearance.”

Nina from Bristol says:
"I suffer from lymphodema in one side of my face following surgery for cancer. My face was very swollen and very sore. After two sessions of MLD with Nick there were huge improvements and after three more you can hardly notice the swelling. It is also a wonderfully relaxing experince. I also have healing from Nick which makes me feel fantastic, fills me with hope for the future and revitalises my inner soul."