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Spiritual Response Therapy


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Spiritual Response Therapy

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Spiritual Response Therapy

A large part of the problems we experience in this life are to do with ‘programmes’ and negative energy’ that originate in past lives. Life is about dealing with these issues so that we can progress as spiritual beings.

SRT is a way to identify and help clear away these negative influences, leaving us free to lead a more positive and healthy life, and reach our full potential. SRT will quickly find and release discordant, limiting ideas and replace them with loving, supportive thoughts and feelings. This changes the balance of our outlook on life to one that is more positive and free.

One great advantage with SRT is that you do not have to be present. It is done by dowsing with a pendulum over charts to carry out the research and clearing work. It is not a regressive therapy.

The system of SRT has been developed since the mid 1980’s by Robert Detzler in America. Before that, the pioneering work was done by Dr. Clark and Dr Sharon Cameron, who developed Response Therapy. The Spiritual Response Association is now firmly established in the UK and has a network of consultants and teachers.


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