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Sound Healing

Sound Healing

Sound healing works because we are essentially bodies of vibrating energy and sound is just a higher frequency of vibration that can resonate with it. All parts of the body have their own natural frequency, but when not well can be thought of as ‘out-of-tune’. A particular tone or sound may resonate with this part and allow it to release whatever it is holding, letting go of pain and restoring good health.

Another thing that comes in to play is the principle of ‘entrainment’. Through this, the weaker body absorbs the strength and vitality of the stronger source of the sound by locking-in to the vibration and the power of it.

Generally, sound healing can be done in several ways, which are either passive or active. The passive ways are listening to live voices, musical instruments, or to recorded music. The active ways are to use your own voice, either on your own, with others or with music.

Specifically, with regard to the service being offered, the sound healing is carried out with the person lying on a massage table fully clothed. The healer will scan the back of body with a constant tone, then go back to specific areas which seam to be ‘out-of-tune’ and give a longer, different tone at these points. After allowing a few minutes for the body to adjust, the person will turn over and the process repeated on the front of body. The person is then covered by a blanket and time allowed for the healing to sink in.

When relevant, the healing may be aided by singing or chanting, and the use of tuning-forks, crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls and drumming. Drumming is used in shamanic soul retrieval work.

The process also works well within a normal massage or zero balancing session. A tone at a start of a session will help a person to relax. During a session, if an area of specific tension is found, a tone in to this point will speed up the releasing, relaxing, healing process.