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Holistic Massage


Holistic Massage

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Holistic Massage

Massage is the nurturing of the body through touch, the oldest form of healing known to man. By being aware of us as “spiritual-beings-having-a-physical-experience-on-earth”, the touch has the quality of helping the spiritual, emotional and mental levels, as well as the physical.

I am over 15 stone and like to dance – so the massage I give is both firm and dynamic! However, I would hope to remain sensitive to your needs at all times.

Sandra from Bristol says:
“You don't know what you're missing if you haven't had a 'Nick-Massage'. He comes high recommended. After a session with Nick I always feel a million dollars. It's such a great stress reliever after all the hustle and bustle of my busy life. I feel re-energized so I am ready to deal with whatever the world has to throw at me.

Alan from Bristol says:
“Having massages from Nick has enabled me to relax in a way that I never could before – and this has changed my life!”

Debra from Portishead says:
“I look forward to my massage, it’s a time for me to relax and unwind and reenergise. I’ve had massages before, but Nick has a special touch.
Since having started my massages with Nick, it seems he has unblocked my spiritual side. I’m more in tune with my other senses and have brought out my better side. Scary!”