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Zero Balancing
ZB (pronounced Zee Bee) originated in America by Dr Fritz Smith MD in the 1970’s. Originally he was a medical practitioner, before qualifying in osteopathy and acupuncture. He wanted to combine the best of Western and Eastern ideas of healing, so he brought together in ZB the osteopath’s knowledge of structure with the esoteric concept of life force and energy (chi).

ZB concentrates on the skeletal system rather than muscles and soft tissue, so it deals with ‘core’ issues, both physically and emotionally. ZB also brings in a spiritual dimension of uniting body, mind and spirit through touch. It can sometimes bring up past memories of painful situations or accidents which have become buried in the body. These can then be released, or brought to attention and worked with. The treatments are gentle, yet powerful, bringing a clearer stronger force field of energy in to the body, which facilitates the client to feel very relaxed and balanced. As Fritz Smith says “our deepest nature is held in our bone and when you touch someone in this way they certainly know about it, it is very profound”.

ZB does not aim to cure, but to bring ease to stress and strain held in the body; particularly back aches, headaches, and pain in necks, shoulders and knees. It helps our wellbeing and body maintenance!

The client receives the treatment fully clothed (except for shoes and belt) lying on a massage table. The practitioner evaluates the skeletal flexibility and energy field before the client lies down and does nothing! The practitioner then lifts and stretches and places fulcrums (gentle finger pressure, which are held for a few seconds) in to specific areas of tension, which allow the body to naturally release, let go and heal.

Zero Balancing has also been adapted to help ladies during pregnancy.

Rosemary from Nailsea says:
"Zero Balancing is a unique experience leaving you feeling relaxed yet refreshed. A wonderful overall feeling of wellbeing."

Jane from Glastonbury says:
"As soon as Nick put his hands on me, I felt very safe and comfortable. Although the treatment is very gentle, it touched the deepest part of me, and released a lot of stored hurt. I felt rebalanced and healed."