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Deep Massage

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Deep Massage

The picture shows the long stroke down the back.
It’s pure bliss!

I learnt deep massage from David Lauterstien, who comes over from America once a year to teach. His method encompasses the “seven dimensions of touch”, which can be described as:
1) Initial Contact: The laying on of a hand, single dimension. The meeting place.
2) Movement: The hand moves and we are ‘moved’ in body and soul by another. The fruitful path.
3) Breath: Awareness of breath adds depth and makes it a three dimensional experience.
4) Graceful Verticality: Energy flows vertically through the body, between heaven and earth, so it is important to be aware of how we stand. The more we can be upright, whilst being relaxed and free at the same time, the more our structure and the energy flowing through it will be enhanced. We do not touch with just our hands, but with our whole selves.
5) Heartful Touch: The hearts participation in human touch takes it beyond the verticality of self-support. It directs our energy from deep within into the world around us.
6) Mindful Touch: As we are made up of mind, body and spirit, so we touch with our whole selves. The mind conveys knowing and understanding. The experience of being touched with love and understanding translates into an experience of feeling beautiful and worthy.
7) The Alchemy of Touch: Nothing can be forced, but if the touch has an effortless quality it is possible for the extraordinary to happen. This may be experienced as love, spirit, God, an ‘altered state’ or any of its infinite forms – a truly transformational process.
Knowing the full potential of touch has led me to treat it with great reverence.

Deep massage is done without oil and is pleasant to receive – it only works if it feels good. It can be done on specific areas or the whole body and complements other bodywork such as massage and zero balancing.

Alan from Bristol says:
I feel energised and buzzing after a deep massage.