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Healing and massage have been my main passion in life since 1995 and I have trained constantly since then, giving most of my spare time to it. The training I have received is summarized below. I have also kept up extensive continuous professional development post qualification, in order to keep standards up. I am fully insured, comply with codes of conduct and have CRB clearance. In 2005 I gave up my day-job (after 30 years as a quantity surveyor) in order to devote more time to being a therapist.

I believe it is important to look after myself and make time in my life to meditate, walk, sing and dance! I also have a mentor who has given me invaluable support and guidance in my own personal development.

Please click the titles below to find out more about the therapies that I offer

Holistic Massage
Main benefits: deep relaxation, release of tension, release of toxins, revitalisation, rejuvenation.

Indian Head Massage
Info coming soon...

Manual Lymphatic Drainage
Main benefits: reduction in fluid retention, improved appearance and mobility, strengthens the immune system (i.e. less colds etc.), reduces swelling after an accident or operation. Helps Lymphoedema.

Spiritual Healing
Main benefits: helpful to anyone who is ill in any way at all, especially in crisis situations and with terminal illness. Also helps with insomnia.

Thai Foot Massage
Info coming soon...

Gentle Touch
Info coming soon...

Sound Healing
Main benefits: Sound healing - release of pain and restoration of good health. Soul retrieval - helps you to feel 'back-together' and more yourself.